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Higher Potential Consulting seeks to pair companies, organizations, and individuals looking for high yield impact investment opportunities within the Developing World. We aim to be your ethical and social guide through the ever-changing complexities of culture, governments, and communities.

Our Mission

As you look at the "smallness" of the world today, where does the greatest growth opportunity and need lie in the coming decades?

When you think of the Developing World, what images come to mind? Are they images of hopelessness, deprivation, a black hole for charitable handouts?

Higher Potential exists to bring together the reality of extraordinary profit potential with a keen motivation to "change the world".

For example, it is daunting to consider making significant business investments in Africa. But an enterprise or business can succeed by properly understanding and navigating the social, cultural, and tribal issues. The early returns on African investment are staggering with future expectations outstripping any place on the planet.

Finally, any commercial enterprise or investor in the Developing World will want to inspire and engage their current and future employees in significant levels of social responsibility. Establishing good development programs to avoid building dependency or causing harm in communities is an equally daunting task for the inexperienced. We are blessed with a broad spectrum of skills including Manufacturing/Industrial, Agribusiness, Finance/Banking, Small & Medium Enterprise development, Government, and International NGO experience.

What We Do

At Higher Potential Consulting, our goal is to guide business, industry, and investors into developing countries. We will utilize our networks and experience to help you profitably and effectively launch your enterprise or invest in an indigenous one while changing the world for the better by working with local communities.

We believe that the continent of Africa is the last economic frontier. It is projected that the number of households with discretionary income in Africa is expected to rise by 50% over the next 10 years, reaching 128 million families. By 2030, the continent's top 18 cities could have a combined spending power of USD $1.3 Trillion. For the past few years, it has been very evident that Chinese business has recognized the economic potential across Africa. Across the continent, Chinese are building roads, constructing buildings, and engaging in economic enterprises. The Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China reported their annual African investment had grown 20-fold in just four years.


On the west coast of Africa in Sierra Leone, near the country's principal seaport; an industrial park has been created on 200+ acres that provides the necessary infrastructure for manufacturing and assembly operations. The first factory is a simple fruit juice processing plant that is profitably changing the world. Could we help you explore similar possibilities?

CNN - Juice factory could bear fruit for Sierra Leone
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Sammy brokered the first merger between two Christian microfinance institutions to create the largest licensed commercial bank serving Small & Medium Enterprise entrepreneurs across the country in Rwanda. Today, over 120,000 clients have been served. Can we help you create pioneering partnerships?

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Who We Are

We are servant leaders who have significant experience in multi-cultural settings and a strong track record of building, developing and leading teams and organizations locally and internationally. We are strong communicators with a skill set that includes written, oral, and social media. We both have a deep love and passion for Christ and for people from all cultures.

Sammy Mah CEO/Founder

For over 27 years, Sammy served the shareholders and customers of General Motors in a variety of executive roles. In 2005, he left GM to "change the world". Since then, Sammy has completed 6 months of work on the White House taskforce on Global Poverty and Development and spent over 5 years serving as the President/CEO of World Relief, one of the largest and broadest Christian relief and development agencies in the world. He has a rare ability to understand and connect the best of the "for-profit" and "not-for-profit" worlds.

"Over the past 6 years, while I sat with heads of state who welcomed my presence on behalf of their communities; I began to sense deep down that our "charity" would never be enough to sustainably transform these most vulnerable communities. And similarly, neither would just significant economic investments "for profit" be the key to providing hope and life. But business/industry in concert and alignment with grassroots communities might just be the key to how to change the world for the better."

Relevant Accomplishments

Lorelei Mah Founder

Lorelei Mah has significant success and experience spanning across multi-national, multi-cultural, for-profit and non-profit, unionized to volunteer work forces, engineering/manufacturing to marketing/development. Most recently, she completed 5 years of work at World Relief, one of the largest and broadest Christian relief and development agencies in the world. Her prior 27 years were spent teaching in the Michigan Public school system, business/technical consulting, leading non-profits, and automotive engineering.

Relevant Accomplishments

Andrew Mah BSME

Andrew Mah began his career in the automotive engineering field after completing his degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has spent the last nine years building and developing businesses from the ground up. He has experience developing retail businesses, financial asset management firms, and international import and distribution companies. He has been directly responsible for sales and marketing, financial reporting, investor relations, and strategic organizational planning for startup companies that have reached multi-million dollar revenues.


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